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12/28/2018 4:06:01 PM

6 reasons why Vietnam become a favorite destination for Korean tourists

VNF - By November 2018, Korea ranked second with the largest number of tourists coming to Vietnam, over 3.1 million visitors, just behind tourists from China with more than 4.5 million visits.

While the number of Chinese tourists coming to Vietnam tends to decrease, the number of tourists from Korea tends to increase. Some reasons can explain this phenomenon.

Geographical distance

The Korean flight to Vietnam takes an average of 5 hours, while flying from South Korea to Europe, America, or Western countries will take about 14 hours, sometimes over 20 hours. Therefore, for a student or an employee, who does not have much time to go on a long trip, Vietnam will be more agreeable. For who want to experience more, from Vietnam can easily move to other Southeast Asian countries such as Laos, Cambodia, Thailand ...

Visa Waiver

Since July 1, 2004, Vietnam has applied the visa exemption for Korean citizens to Vietnam. Since then, the number of Korean tourists to Vietnam has increased nearly 20 times, from 233,000 in 2004 to over 3.1 million in 2018. This policy contributes to reducing administrative procedures, creating most convenient for Korean tourists to Vietnam.

Cultural similarities

Both Vietnam and Korea are countries in East Asia. There are many cultural similarities between the two countries such as using chopsticks, rice being the main food, personality, communication ... as well as the similarities in history when both countries went through wars.

Also, thanks to the K-pop, Korean culture interferes with Vietnam more. All of these things make Korean people when they come to Vietnam, they will not feel surprised. On the contrary, they feel familiar like they are in their homeland.

The development of tours

Currently, travel services companies are very developed in both Vietnam and Korea markets. These companies always have an online website that provides information about Vietnam tours with a lot of options and reasonable prices, and allows visitors to register their tour as easily as possible. Therefore, for those who do not know much about Vietnam or do not have enough time to arrange for the trip. Thanks to these tour services, Korean tourists will not take too much time to prepare and avoid restrictions when traveling on their own.

Korean reality TV show

The fascinating reality TV Gameshow of Korea such as Running man, The return of Superman, New Journey to the West, ... all have scenes in Vietnam, in which the characters directly experience Vietnam’s life and culture. Thereby, the image of Vietnam come to the South Korean people and more vivid clarity, stimulating them to Vietnam to get the real experience.

An espisode in series Running man is filmed in Ninh Binh

Coach Park Hang-seo

With the achievement of bringing the Vietnamese team to the final of the Asian U23 Championship in 2018, the 2018 Asiad semi-finals and most recently the 2018 AFF Cup championship, the Korean coach has touched Vietnamese people. Not only Vietnamese people love Korea more, but Korean people also began to learn and love Vietnam more.

For example, after the Vietnam Olympic team reached the semifinals of men's soccer ASIAD 2018 to meet the Korean Olympics, information about U23 Vietnam and Park Hang-seo coaches became the most searched keywords on Naver - "South Korea's Google tool". After 24h, 5 most searched keywords are: U23 Vietnam - Park Hang-seo; Vietnam - Syria U23; Vietnam-Syria battle relay; South Korea - Vietnam; the 4 most powerful football teams in the 2018 Asian Games. Thanks to coach Park Hang-seo, Korean people want to travel to Vietnam more.

Coach Park Hang-seo 

Besides the above reasons, Korean people can also come to Vietnam to visit their relatives working here, or come to Vietnam to work, find investment opportunities.

In 2019, Korean tourists are expected to continue to increase more. With the advantages available, Vietnam needs to promote investment, expand tourism services, and improve the quality of services to make a good impression not only for Korean tourists but also from many countries.

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