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5/27/2019 3:55:04 PM

6 homework that may “take a lifetime to complete” fever netizens

Let someone in your family hug you if your academic results in the last school year don’t satisfy them’’, “Always be a kind and happy person”.

This is “homework” that teacher Do Duc Anh, Bui Thi Xuan High School, Ho Chi Minh city assigned to his students.

“Homework” which is put in an envelope is given to parents in the parent meeting at the end of the school year (May 25).

The homework is put in an envelope

Exercise #1: Let someone in your family hug you if academic results in the last school year don’t satisfy them.

Exercise # 2: Enjoy your summer with all your youthful energy.

Exercise #3: Take time to cultivate your foreign language and necessary soft skills.

Exercise # 4: Boys, please always know how to overcome the storm of life with the spirit of a warrior. Girls, please stand up, paint more lipstick, smile and pride forward. Because if you are not a tree, there is no way we can stand still.

Exercise #5: Sometime in your life, if you feel lonely or sad, relive the gentle memories of us. Or at any time you need someone to listen to your extreme frustration, just call me, I’m always here.

Exercise #6: Always be a kind and happy person.

Time for submission: You will have a lot of time to complete these 6 homework, please take your time, don't rush to submit the homework. Because you know, there are exercises that you have to take your youth or even a lifetime to finish.

Teacher Do Anh Duc and his students

According to teacher Do Duc Anh: "At the end of last school year, I wrote a long letter to my students. But this year, I sent my advice to students through" Homework ". Because I think: the exercises are easier to imagine, easier to read and easier to do.

I asked parents to stick "homework" in front of their room or put it on their pillow. And if possible, parents let their children do the first exercise right away. "

On the evening of May 25, after reading "Homework", many 10A9 students were moved to tears. Some parents even said "This exercise is not only for students but we also have to ponder and have a way to educate our children appropriately" - said Thu Ha's parents.


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