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5/28/2019 10:42:19 AM

6 attractive sites in Thai Binh province

Thai Binh province located in Red River Delta, 120km from Hanoi, is famous with the dense river system and the beaches. Although Thai Binh has beautiful sightseeing as its nature’s gifts, some of places are still aboriginal.

1.       Dong Chau beach

Dong Chau beach (photo: Du lich Thai Binh)

Dong Chau beach is in Dong Minh village, Tien Hai district, 35km from Thai Binh city. Visiting Dong Chau beach, visitors not only enjoy the fresh weather, but also swim in the cool water and taste the local seafood dishes. Moreover, visitors have a chance to see the clam farms – one of the highlight of Dong Chau and experience the culture of this area. The perfect time to come to Dong Chau beach is in the summer period (June to July)

2.       Con Vanh beach

Con Vanh (photo: Thai Binh TV)

Con Vanh beach also in Tien Hai district and it is one of the Red River Delta Biosphere Reserve (a part of UNESCO biosphere reserve). Because of its location: near the Ba Lat estuary with the diversity of mangroves and the wildness, the beach can motivate the tourist’s exploration. Con Vanh beach is suitable for the short holiday or vacation

3.       Con Den ecotourism zone

Con Den beach (photo:

Con Den ecotourism zone which is in Thai Do village, Thai Thuy district is the combination of beach and forest place. Con Den beach is the flat terrain with the long and fine sandbank with the soft sea waves. Therefore, it is suitable for visitors to swim, fishing and have a picnic. Furthermore, visitors can also discover the wildlife of Con Den ecotourism zone by walking in the pine forest and watch trees in the mangrove such as: nipa palms, bayhops …

4.       Bach Thuan village garden


Bach Thuan village garden is in Vu Thu district, considered as the small park by Thai Binh people because the village is decorated by flowers and trees, mostly are fruit trees. Besides, Bach Thuan village garden is remarked by the ornamental plants with their specific shapes. In the high – tide, some of the road in Bach Thuan village is flooded. Thus, visitors get another experience: watching the garden while punting around.

5.       Thai Binh Cathedral

Thai Binh Cathedral (photo:

The Thai Binh Cathedral was inaugurated in 2007 and appreciated as one of the most beautiful cathedral of Vietnam. The Cathedral is 6201.6 m2 wide with a solemn feature and covered by the color of crème. The two 46m towers are designed as the bright candles which points the splendor of the construction. Visitors are brought to the Western space inside the Vietnamese city.

6.       Keo pagoda

Keo Pagoda (photo:

Keo pagoda is also located in Vu Thu district as Bach Thuan village garden. Keo is the ancient pagoda, was built by ironwood in the Ly Thanh Tong’s reign (in 11th century) and it is one of the national cultural heritage of Vietnam. It is 57000m2 wide with 107 rooms. The pagoda’s yard was paneled by the tiles and the pillars were carved delicately. Keo pagoda takes visitors not only to the spiritual space, but also to find out Vietnamese history./.

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