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9/26/2018 5:33:18 PM

5 ways to calm yourself down at workplace

You’re flooding with works, but your clients keep on urging you to be faster, your co-workers are lazy, your boss doesn't understand. What should you do?

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Please try the following 5 methods to give your mind a break from those negative feeling:

Take time to relax

Stand up, leave your desk, spend some time walking around. Don’t worry that you might forget what you’ve been doing, because when you come back, you’ll have a refreshed mind and your productivity will be improved.

Take a deep breath

You’re in an anger, but it doesn’t mean you need to find someone to put all of your negative feeling on him/her. By doing that, you'll only chase co-workers away from you and make the situation worse. 

In this case, please find yourself a quiet place, take a deep breath, and maintain steady breathing in 60 seconds.

Positive thinking

Even when you are having a terrible day, please save a small percentage of your brain to think positively. Don’t think that your life is full with unlucky stuff. Instead, keep thinking: every thing is gonna be fine.

Find someone who can listen to your problems

Don’t just blindly find somebody to throw to him/her all of your “rubbish emotions”. The best way to deal with stress is to keep calm, then find a close colleague who knows you well and consult him/her.


The sympathy is the best cure for a heavy heart, and also the best way to soothe your mood. It can also be used when your colleage is having a not-so-pleasant time. Stay away from them for a while, then when you feel like they have got better, come to talk to them./.

  ( Translated by Phi Yen )
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