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4/20/2018 8:17:41 AM

35 winners of National Book Awards honored

(VNF) - Twenty-two good books and thirteen nice books were honoured in the first National Book Awards 2018 at a ceremony at the National Library in Hanoi on April 19th.

Winners received prize B. (Photo:

The National Book Awards are a continuation and expansion of the Vietnam Book Awards, an annual event which recognises commendable literary works.

The prize aims to honour books with outstanding values in politics, ideology and knowledge, while acknowledging the contributions of authors, translators, scientists, publishing houses, printing houses and distributors throughout the country.

The first National Book Awards of 2018 featured the participation of 40 publishers, with a total of 514 book titles, which have competed in two categories: good books and nice books.

Prize A in the category of good contents came to three works of the  Publishing House for Sciences and Technology, the Ho Chi Minh City General Publishing House and The Gioi (World) Publishers.

Prize B was presented to nine books, while 10 others received Prize C.

Meanwhile in the category of good design, three books won the first prize, while five others were honoured with second and five with third prizes.The National Book Award is expected to contribute to promoting a culture of reading among the community.

Deputy Minister of Information and Communications Hoang Vinh Bao shakes hands with winners. (Photo:

Addressing the event, Deputy Minister of Information and Communications Hoang Vinh Bao said that the first National Book Awards drew 514 titles of books in different fields of 40 out of 59 publishing houses in the country.

The award is part of activities to develop reading culture among society, while encouraging the development of publishing houses, he said./.

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