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10/24/2018 9:59:54 PM

16 Mekong Delta dishes to eat before you leave (part I)

Coming to Mekong Delta, you will enjoy a giant store of food verified by various materials, diversified ways of processing, characterized by strong characteristics of people in here.

You can’t visit Vietnam without spend time exploring a Vietnamese food tour. Traditional Vietnamese food are all about the balance of fresh ingredients, intense flavours, and ease of cooking and preparation.

The prosperous land of Mekong Delta brings a lot of fresh ingredients for making many delicious dishes. Each province has some specialties which will surely fascinate tourists’ flavor.

Coconut mouse.

1.Coconut Mouse

The coconut mouse have the sizes like the paddy field mice, but this type of mouse has sharper teeth and they are harmful to the coconut trees. Using the sharp teeth, they open the coconut and eat the meat inside. Their meat is fatter than chicken and better than the regular paddy field rice mouse thanks to the coconut.

They are cooked into many dishes: grilled rats, steamed rats, curry and the real star of the list is steamed coconut rats in the rice cooker. The more you eat, the more you are in love with this food.

2. Noodle made from sliced flour

This is a truly specialty of the western area of Vietnam. The dish is made from rice flour and soup cooked carefully with duck meat and can be eaten with ginger fish sauce. The reason for the name “sliced flour” noodle is that people will use rice flour, molded according to each person's own recipe and then sliced into pieces.

Bot Loc Cake.

3. Bot Loc Cake

Bot Loc Cake is sold at many small shops on Truong Dinh and Nguyen Van Cu Street of Can Tho City. This dish is mostly eaten as a light meal. Bot Loc Cake is made from rice flour, filling with shrimp or roasted pork and then steamed. The cake is chewy with a unique taste thanks to the great combination of shrimp and pork. People usually eat Bot Loc Cake with fresh herbs and sweet sour fish sauce.

Sa Dec noodles.

4.Sa Dec Noodle Soup

Sa Dec noodles and My Tho noodles are two most popular dishes in countless western specialties. Famous noodle soup of the western region has sweet taste, chewy and distinctive flavor. The noodle can be cooked in many ways. Dry noodle is not a bad idea as you eat noodle and soup in separated bowls.

Hoi cake.

5.Hoi Cake eaten with baked rolls

Hoi cake has been a dreamy food for all foodies coming to Mekong Delta. This cake is white in color, also made from rice flour, eaten with baked rolls, vegetables and sweet sour fish sauce. Instead of fish sauce, peanut sauce can be used to creat another different taste for the food. If you are wondering how good the Hoi Cake is, don't miss out the chance to try it.

Nem rice papers.

6.Luc Si’s Nem rice papers

Rice papers in this land include a various type such as: Nem rice papers, dipped rice papers, sweet rice papers, or baked rice papers. This dish is handmade with 100 per cent rice flour and not used any chemicals. Rice papers are soft, medium salty, wrapped with shrimp, meat, vegetables, noodles, served with tamarind fish sauce, or soybean milled. This is really amazing dish, contributing to make uniqueness of Mekong Delta cuisine.

7.Gray eel-catfish

Gray eel-catfish is quite dodgy, living only in deep-water level area. They even carved 2-3 meters deep caves for shelters. Therefore, fishing them is also difficult.

There are many delicious dishes made from this fish like sour soup, grilled in banana sepal, fish sauce stew, steam or served with fermented scallion. However, the simplest way to make is grill gray eel-catfish in the banana sepal on the charcoal to keep the original sweetness of fresh water fish. You can try this dish with many kinds of vegetables and chili salt. Gray eel catfish stewed with fish sauce is the daily dish of the people in the West of Vietnam. Fish is rinsed thoroughly, marinated in delicious fish sauce, sugar, pepper, chili, and cooked on low heat to make it absorbed completely.

Cho Moi’s fried sticky rice.

8. Cho Moi bloating steamed glutinous rice

Cho Moi is derived from rich alluvial soils around the year so that local glutinous rice has high quality, round and beautiful rice. Glutinous combined with beans makes a delicious sticky rice dish. Bloating steamed glutinous rice (Xoi phong) has a significant yellow, smells and tastes so fragrant.

The bloating glutinous rice is tender inside, crispy outside. The cook should be patient and skillful to press the circle, rotate the ball continuously to make sure it is well-done, nice looking and smelling. Visitors to Cho Moi can enjoy this dish with roasted chicken. Chicken is a little chewy, sweet and roasted by hands in other to keep the flavor and taste featured. 

9. Bee worm salad

Bee worm is taken from U Minh tropical forest in Ca Mau and has amazingly buttery, greasy and delicious flavor. Bee-worm after dipped in boiling water will be fried on the pan with fried onion, seasoned with fish sauce, pepper and a bit sugar. After that, people will slice banana flower and soak in salty water. Finally, fried bee work will be mixed with sliced banana flower, fried groundnuts, some kinds of herbs and seasoned with vinegar, chili and fish sauce. It can be said that all flavor of sweet, sour, salty, spicy, buttery, greasy are perfectly mixed on a plate of bee-worm salad./.

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