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13 must-visit places in beautiful coastline of Ninh Thuan provice

The province, the driest and hottest region in the country, is well known for its white sandy beaches and vast gardens of grapes, traditional villages and architectural works of the ancient Champa Kingdom.

The beauty of many rocks in Dinh Cape is extremely impressive. Photo: @lehatruc

Dinh Cape

Mui Dinh (Dinh Cape) is around 40 kilometers south of Phan Rang - Thap Cham City, Ninh Thuan Province. It is now easier to travel from the city to Dinh Cape than 10 years ago as an asphalted road has been built to connect Phan Rang - Thap Cham and Ca Ra Commune in Thuan Nam District.

The most famous spot at Dinh Cape in Son Hai Village, Phuoc Dinh Commune is the lighthouse which was built by the French in 1904.

The lighthouse stands on a hill, so tourists should walk through a sand dune and up a two-kilometer sloping path to get to it.

Near the foot of the hill is a small village with a few homes of fishermen and goat farmers.

From the lighthouse, tourists can have a panoramic view of the tranquil area with the blue sea, mountains, trees and a couple of fishermen with their bamboo basket boats.

Thanks to its many mountains and caves with clear blue water, Vinh Hy Bay attractives visitors from everwhere. Photo: Internet

Vinh Hy Bay

As one of the four most beautiful bays in Vietnam, Vinh Hy Bay in Ninh Thuan Province is famous for its pristine blue waters. It is a special destination for both international and domestic travelers seeking a marine tourism experience.

You can join a coral cruise at the bay. The coral area is about 3km into the bay. Here, the ship will pause so visitors can admire the splendid beauty of the colorful coral reefs as well as the small fish hovering under the coral.

Ninh Chu Beach

The central province of Ninh Thuan attracts visitors because of its natural character, particularly Ninh Chu Beach, which is located in Binh Son Village, 10km from Phan Rang Town, in the central coastal province of Ninh Thuan.

You can enjoy the fresh air, zentertain yourself in the water, contemplate the purple sunset on a long stretch of sloping sand and visit the small dream-like villages near the seaport.

Binh Tien Beach

Roughly 30km from Phan Rang City in the southern province of Ninh Thuan, Binh Tien beach is a hidden gem for tourists who want to discover new experiences and rejuvenate.

Coming to Binh Tien, you park your vehicle and choose a small cafe under the line of coconut-palms to enjoy the view. Then you can bathe in clear blue water or sunbathe on the soft white sand.

If you are tired and hungry after a journey to the sea, Binh Tien will offer you thatched huts where you can enjoy such seafood favourites as cuttlefish, crabs and snails while taking in the fresh sea air.

Nam Cuong sand dune is romantic in the sunset. Photo: @haphuong0072004

Nam Cuong Sand Dune

Nam Cuong sand dune is 8km from central Phan Rang city.

Going to this sand dune, you will be impressive by idyllic scenes of Cham people’s rural life. It is also the most attractive place of Nam Cuong.

Ba Moi Vineyard.

Ba Moi Vineyard - An Hoa Sheep Field

If you spend time exploring this road, you will see the famous grapevine and sheep fields of Ninh Thuan province. With such a diversity of terrain and scenery, the trip will take you from one unexpected surprise to another.

Ba Moi vineyard, about 5km from Phan Rang downstream to Vinh Hy Bay, and An Hoa sheep field, 16km from Phan Rang, were two places you would want to visit. Eating grapes in the garden and watching the sheep leisurely grazing in the field are unique and relaxed experiences.

Rai Cave

Hang Rai is in Thái An Village in Ninh Hai District’s Vinh Hai Commune.

Located within Nui Chua (God Mountain) National Park, Hang Rai is a rocky outcrop on the coast that offers endless opportunities to gasp at the beauty of sunsets and daybreaks.

Getting there was itself a visual treat, with the coastal road running past innumerable white mounds of salt.

The special terrain of rock piles accumulated over centuries by nature includes many large and small caves that are home to many otters, giving the place its name, Hang Rai or Otter Cave.

Nui Chua National Park

Nui Chua National Park is home to 1,500 plant species, 160 bird species and 60 species of mammals.

The highest peak is Co Tuy, also known as Chua Anh Peak, 1,039m above sea level. The attractions of Nui Chua are its terrain, climate, abundant and diverse biological elements, and tourism potential, especially for eco-tourism, discovery and adventure.

Nuoc Ngot Beach

Nuoc Ngot (Freshwater) Beach is fairly close to Vung Tau which itself is only a couple of hours from Ho Chi Minh City, but it is much quieter. The seafood is as fresh as it comes after you walk off the lovely beach which should never be too busy. In the spring, there is the cherry blossom that makes the setting even better.

If you want to see more of the interior you will not be disappointed. It is a mountainous forested region that all hikers will certainly enjoy. After an active day, the beach and the warm sea will still be there for you to enjoy.

Bau Truc Ceramic Village

Bau Truc pottery village in Ninh Thuan Province is highly recommended by many travel guides. Here Cham ethnic people produce exotic pottery items.

The village is located in Phuoc Dan town, Ninh Phuoc district, about 10 kilometers from Phan Rang city. It has existed since the reign of Cham King Po Klong Garai (1151-1205) and is considered one of the oldest pottery villages in Southeast Asia.

Kneaded by hand, Bau Truc ceramic products are standalone items demonstrating the talent and unique craftwork of the artisans in the village.

Po Klong Garai is one of the most famous destinations in Phan Rang, Ninh Thuan. Photo: @lehatruc

Po Klong Gia Rai Towers

The Po Klong Garai tower complex is in Do Vinh Ward, Phan Rang–Thap Cham. It includes three towers, which were built from the late 13th to the early 14th century.

Originally built as Hindu temples, they stand on a brick platform at the top of Cho’k Hala, a crumbly granite hill covered with some of the most ornery cacti the world has ever seen.

The main rituals in the Cham people’s traditional Kate festival, which is held annually in early October, are held at Po Klong Garai Towers.

Tanyoli Amusement Park

If you’re sick of highway driving on your motorbike, then check out the Tanyoli Amusement Park, south of Son Hai. When coming to Tanyoli, visitors can experience the high feeling of mountain climbing, riding sand vehicle terrain or take part in the sport activities such as archery, conquer the yellow sand hill, kayaking, grass sliding which are very exciting.


How to get there:

You can go to Ninh Thuan province by motorbike, car, bus or train departing from Hanoi, HCM City or Da Nang.

- Airplane: Get a flight to Cam Ranh Airport in Nha Trang City; then you can go to the province by car or taxi.

- Train: You can buy tickets at any station of Thong Nhat train. Stop at Thap Cham station from where you can take a taxi to Phan Rang City.

- Bus: from HCM City, start at Mien Dong station and stop at Phan Rang station.

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