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9/12/2017 4:07:48 PM

10 things to help Hanoi become the most destinations in the world

The Hanoitimes - Good news from international publication, Hanoi has successfully made it to the top destinations with the most increasing number of hotel booking, according to the booking record on Airbnb.

Ranked sixth on the list of 10 destinations, Hanoi has shown a growth in its population and appeal to travelers in all over the world. With an increasing rate of 261%, Vietnam is among three names in Asian to enter the list, which are Johor Bahru, Malaysia, and Tainan, Taiwan. Top 10 things to help Hanoi become a most destinations in the world.

City for Peace

In 1999, Ha Noi was among the five cities presented with the “City for Peace” award by UNESCO to recognise its contributions to the struggle for peace, as well as its development that met the organization's standards of equality in the community, urban construction, living environment protection, culture and education promotion, and cares for young generations.

Unique architecture

Hanoi in particular and Vietnam in general possess the most wonderful ancient French constructions. There is a considerable number of classical French constructions that are conserved at present in Hanoi and fortunately, most of them have retained the original appearances with initial patterns and materials. They have all become either culture symbols of Hanoi.

Attractive cuisine

Hanoi is proud to be listed on the top 10 best cities for food in the first place by the Telegraph of England. The article also mentions US president Obama in his last visit to Vietnam and his dinner on Bun Cha, one of the most popular dishes of Hanoi. Especially, the CNN travelogue Parts Unknown by Anthony Bourdain air in September will bring the dinner of Bun Cha and cold Hanoi Beer to millions of viewers.

Cheapest tourist city

Hanoi, the capital city of Vietnam, has topped the list of cheapest global tourist destinations in 2012 summertime, according to the Trip Index recently announced by the world's largest travel website “TripAdvisor”.

Hanoi people are friendly and hospitable

Common impressions for tourist to easily recognize are the friendly, enthusiastic and hospitable people of Hanoi. Hanoi people are very wonderful and enthusiastic and eager to help strangers.

Four beautiful season

If you want to explore the distinction of 4 seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter in Vietnam, let’s take a trip to Hanoi and feel it. Each season, Hanoi has its own specificities, special foods, and flowers.

Many nice places

As the capital of Vietnam, Hanoi is home to a large number of must-see attractions. Museums and pagodas scatter the city and Hoan Kiem Lake serves as the center point to reach just anywhere. Hanoi Old Quarter, the cultural, dining, entertainment and shopping heart of the city is worth the majority of your time to discover. If you plan a trip to Hanoi, spare at least a couple of days to explore the city.

Hanoi Old Quarter

There’s an old Vietnamese saying, “Hanoi has thirty-six streets and guilds – Jam Street, Sugar Street, Salt Street…”. Inside a modern and dynamic city, there appears an antique quarter, the Hanoi’s Old Quarter – the represented eternal soul of the city. These days, most Vietnamese and Westerners are familiar with the phrase “Hà Nội - Ba mươi sáu phố phường” (translated as “Ha Noi - 36 districts” or “Hanoi – 36 Old Streets”), or “Phố cổ Hà Nội” (translated as “Hanoi’s Old Quarter”), the top special historical vestige and sight-seeing of the capital, luring international visitors thanks to their mostly original state.

Impression promote

At the end of 2016, Hanoi People's Committee spent $2 million on CNN ads to promote tourism, investment. According to the Chairman of Hanoi People's Committee Nguyen Duc Chung, the ads will help attract more global investors, who will fuel the city's economic growth. The new marketing drive will also help Hanoi boost tourism.

Aggressive Capital

Besides spent $2 million on CNN ads to promote tourism, investment, Hanoi’s leader also brings out many policies. In which, Hanoi walking street model, which was piloted since the beginning of September this year, has created a new space for cultural activities and entertainment for both locals and international visitors to the capital city.

Not only a colourful space of the arts, the new pedestrian routes also lay a positive impact on the lives of local people. As restaurants and bars will be open until 2am, they have more opportunities to earn additional income, while tourists have more time to visit the Old Quarter and discover Hanoi with no concern about the curfew as before./.

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